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Alhekma, Decision Maker

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Brief about the center

   Alhekmh center for studies, research and consulting was established under license number 7 for the year 2014 from the ministry of media, seeking to achieve of its goals and objectives Which was developed through His Highness the king of the State of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah god save him, In achieving sustainable development and promising visions to make Kuwait among the scientifically and scientifically advanced countries.For that, the Center maintains, through a strong and continuous start, Sharing International partnerships and regional research institutions with the aim of cooperating in research production which responsible for strategic decision-making.According to his vision of the importance of expansion outside the borders of the State of Kuwait to benefit from research experiences, A regional office for the center was established in the Republic of Egypt Arabia on March 27, 2019 To be supportive of the parent institution in the State of Kuwait and to keep pace with the aspirations and goals of the center.

Research programs and units

Sustainable Development Visions Program (Kuwait 2035)- Institutional Development Program.- Strategic Planning Unit.- Economic Studies Unit.- Political Studies Unit.- Israeli Occupation Studies Unit- Iranian Studies Unit.- Legal and Parliamentary Studies Unit.- Media Studies Unit.-Translations unit.

Center’s vision

Contribute effectively to support decision-making to achieve national development in a country Kuwait and the Arab world, and strive to occupy a competitive position on the map of centers Global Research.

Center’s Message

Work on preparing specialized studies through a team of researchers and experts In the center, and seeking fruitful partnerships with entities and institutions in Corresponding majors, with the aim of pushing for a stimulating work environment for the sector Arab research according to a professional performance, and simulates the requirements of the times, And visions of the future governments.

Objectives of the Center: 

1: Monitor and analyze Kuwaiti foreign policy paths and their interactions with them Its regional and international framework, and determining the coordinates of the reverse effect on International Policy Map.

2: Monitor and analyze legislation and study parliamentary systems to be the center As a specialized house of supportive expertise for Arab Parliamentary Councils in general, And the Kuwaiti National Assembly in particular.

3: Study the problems of Kuwaiti and Arab society and put forward a vision for urgent treatment for her, working to predict future crises and develop scenarios Expected and formulate proactive plans to treat them, within the framework of the areas The work of the center

4: Putting forward an institutional development vision based on analyzing and treatment the reality of institutions it is necessary to enable it to solve problems and develop the mechanism of action, in order to enhance Economic growth rates in line with Kuwait’s vision 2035.

5: Expanding the circle of translations from and into Arabic, with the aim of learning about

The other and studying his perspective on the history and future of Kuwait and the Middle East.

6: Increase the number of regional centers for the center according to the publishing strategy

Geographically, with the aim of weaving a network of communication and cooperation between research centers Arab and international

Center Regulations and values :

  Scientific impartiality The center follows the tradition of scientific research away from related efforts In pre -defined situations, and binding by the principles and values ​​of Kuwaiti and the Arab society.  

   Integration and participation:

The center operates through an organization which dependent on the integration between Research majors and programs to ensure the comprehensiveness of his research methodology.

Accuracy of information:

The Center adopts a methodology for the accurate collection and analysis of information and employ them to enhance the search result.

Center services:

  • Specialized consulting
  • Preparing studies to support decision-making
  • Specialist training



 Strategic newsletter:

A daily newsletter issued by the Al-Hekmh Center for Studies, Research and Consulting

Interested in political and economic interactions in the Kuwaiti interior, It affects them in the regional and international framework

The periodicity of the strategic decision:  

academic journal issued by the Al-Hekmh Center for Studies

And research and consulting, aimed at strategic planning and foresight

The future by monitoring and analyzing political and economic interactions on

Regional and international level, far from related efforts

In pre-defined situations, with the aim of providing support to the decision maker

Kuwaiti and Arab through research units and programs operating in the center.

  Kuwaiti Strategy Magazine:

A monthly version related to providing support to Kuwaitis and decision makers GCC.

Specialized books:

The center seeks to issue a series of specialized books corresponding to fields

The center worked to enhance the Kuwaiti and Arab library and support to the research sector

In the Gulf and Arab countries.